Dear collectors!
According to the Agreement with the International Olympic Committee RUEP “Belpochta” has the right to sell Olympic stamps
“Sochi 2014” till December 31, 2014 for collections.
Olympic stamps and souvenir sheets “Sochi 2014” (1004, 1018-1021) won’t be included into the year set of stamps 2014.
If you want to have the complete year set 2014 please buy the Olympic stamps separately now!
Dear dealers!
Don’t miss your chance to buy Olympic stamps 2014 for your customers now!
Naliboki Pushcha
Stamp-strip of 4 stamps.
Sheet composition: 3 (1x3) stamp-strips.
Booklet with 1 stamp-strip inside.
Date of issue — 27 November
Fifteenth definitive issue “Wild animals”
5 stamps.
Sheet composition: 21 (7x3) stamps on self-adhesive paper
Date of issue — December